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Can We Get Funky Here?

Hailing originally from Arcata, California, Kevin Coggins powers the groove behind Ruckus with the solid, driving pulse of a veteran roots, rock and blues drummer. His extensive 40 years of experience includes performing and recording with many internationally known artists such as James Cotton, Leon Hughes' Original Coasters, Albert King, Boz Skaggs and many others in a diversity of styles including Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel and Country music.
Through an active career as a hard working drummer, Kevin has performed in many diverse productions as both a drum set player and percussionist in settings such as live concerts, studio recordings, corporate events and nightclubs. His experience also includes working in live theater, with opera companies, symphony orchestras, performances on television and radio.
With training involving University studies (majoring in both percussion performance and music education), Kevin has been an active music educator both in the public school system and as a private drum instructor for over 30 years; which includes a current faculty position at the School of the Blues in San Jose, CA. As well as producing educational seminars and drum clinics, Kevin has been a clinician in the Blues in the Schools program in Monterey County (underwritten by a grant from the Monterey Bay Blues Festival education division).
Kevin has two instruction books published through Mel Bay Publications, a part of a lesson series developed with the School of the Blues faculty.
A love for drumming is at the root of Kevin’s spirit and soul, which has led him to be involved in all aspects of the art, including the collecting and restoration of vintage drums.

Influenced by the Great Masters of the Blues, Harmonica player and vocalist Vic Cozart spent his early years as a music apprentice in the vibrant Rock and Blues scene in the Bay Area. A native of San Francisco, Vic worked for many years as a roadie with the popular regional rock act, Hot Toad; where he gained firsthand experience with a successful working band while developing a passion for playing the harmonica. 

Vic left the band to pursue other opportunities but he stayed on the road, traveling to many exciting and distant areas after going into business for himself. As the owner of a successful Outdoor Adventure Company, Vic groomed his unique playing style in Hawaii, Alaska and throughout the rugged areas of California. Spending many years as a river guide and with harmonica in hand, Vic was afforded the opportunity to treat his guests to music well beyond typical camp fire songs. 

With formal instruction at the School of the Blues in San Jose, under the direction of harmonica expert David Barrett, the school’s founder, Victor's playing style has rocketed beyond his years. His styling favors brilliant Blues Harmonica artists such as William Clarke, Little Walter, The Sonny Boy's, and Junior Wells.

With a witty demeanor and an assured sense of humor, Vic now manages the front man responsibility for The Ruckus Band, focusing his growling vocal style and passionate enthusiasm on stirring up a high energy live performance every time.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area as the youngest of three siblings, Tommy was exposed to great musical talent. His family ran an eating and drinking establishment that had a juke box in it and all the 45’s would end up in his house. The record player was always spinning with Top 40 music like Elvis, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra. The first time Tommy picked up a guitar and tried to play along with something it was Light My Fire, by the Doors. His first experience with blues music was Led Zeppelin; who was covering songs by artists he would come to understand later as the original American Blues men, like Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. Musicians that wrote those songs that he heard as a child changed him forever musically. 

As Tommy grew older, he never took playing the guitar seriously but would often pick it up and play along with his favorite guitarists like Freddy King, Eric Clapton or Buddy Guy. In the summer of 2007, Tommy attended the Fountain Blues Festival in San Jose, where Buddy Guy was headlining and won a Buddy Guy Stratocaster signed by Buddy himself. That event compelled Tommy to learn how to become a better guitar player, and pursued instruction at the School of the Blues, a school based in San Jose. While studying with renowned guitar instructor John Garcia, Tommy met his fellow band mates in one of the school’s house bands and helped form Ruckus.

For Tommy, playing music is a spiritual thing. He feels that music can heal you just by listening to it. He has discovered that playing music takes that to another level; when he is playing guitar he feels whole, because his mind, body and soul are connected